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What is the Bull Net?


The Bull Net is a group of amateur radio operators (150 +) who get together during the afternoons on "The Secret Frequency" of 3928 KHz LSB. The goal is to have fun with the hobby of radio. Topics are varied, but there is generally some discussion of radio, a certain amount of bull and of course the food segment. Everyone with a valid license is welcome, so stop by and say hello.



The Bull Net started a number of years ago by Bill or "Willy" (K1APM) and "Slim" (W1POR). Slim's imaginary bull was talked about a great deal on 3928 because the bull had a lot of unusual and exciting experiences. As time went on a few more people joined in until 2004 when the Bull Net was established. Thanks guys.


The Bull Horn

Take a look at the Bull Horn. Its a news letter that is the creation of Warren WS1D. Warren is also responsible for putting together the membership package, the Bull Dozed award and much of the content and concepts of The Bull Net. Thanks Warren. Take a look at the latest Bull Horn from the menu above.



Navigation of this site is pretty straight forward. On some of the pages there are menu options on the left side of the page that don't immediately appear as menu choices or links. They are. An example would be the Bull Horn page. It will have the edition listed in the left hand column.

Any questions just shoot an email to   If the answer to your question is unknown, we'll make something up.



The content in this Web Site does not necessarily represent  the beliefs or opinions of all members of The Bull Net.

Items in the "For Sale" section are not tested or endorsed by Bull Net Members.

Items in "Members" pages are submitted either upon request by, or approval of, those members. 

Fact of the Day

First Hamfest of the Year


"Mad Mike" sent word of the 1st Hamfest of the year. Have a look




Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are likely for the next three days as Earth passes through a high-speed stream of solar wind. The action is expected to commence on Dec. 7-8 with the arrival of a CIR (co-rotating interaction region). CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, producing density gradients and shock waves that do a good job of sparking Arctic auroras. Solar wind blowing furiously behind the CIR could energize the light show through Dec. 10th. 




For Sale


Ameritron AL 811H - 6 mos. old. Pd $900 - asking $650. Contact Joe. Send a note to Joe at the following email:




The Bull Net Marathon

Warren has suggested those interested consider participating  in The Bull Net Marathon. For more information  go to

Events and follow the link there.

** NOTE: An error was made in the first post to this this event. The end of TBNM is Nov 30, 2017,,,,not Dec. 31, 2017. My error - Mick.



For Sale

ICOM STATION: Ic-706mkIIG w/box, AH-4 Ant tuner w/box, Yaesu FP-1023 P/S, Separation Cable w/MNT, & Manual. $850  

Kenwood Station: TS-440s & PS-50 Power Supply $350  

Yaesu FT-757GX, FP-757GX Power Supply Low Profile, & (FC-757AT needs to be balanced)  $250  

Yaesu FL2000B $300  

MFJ Travel Tuner MFJ-902 80-10 Meters 150 Watt Tuner (4.5"x2.5"x4") $70

207-778-9930 - Russ KA1FKC


IC 7410

I have an Icom IC-7410 HF + 6m 100 watts. Radio works great as it should. Original manual, original Mic HM-36, original power cord with Anderson Power Pole connectors and, roofing filter IC-FL431 3hz and IC-FL430 6hz installed. Will deliver within 50 miles of Bangor.

I am asking $925 cash, and am willing to deliver near Bangor (within 50 miles).

I have 2 radios and have not used the 7410 in about 1 year.  I am now using an Elecraft KX3 for my main radio.  I don't need 2 radios.


Mike Ouellette

3954 Union St

Levant  ME  04456


W1NOV Recuperating


Tom - W1NOV is recuperating after necessary surgery was performed recently. Tom will be in a rehab center for an unknown period. 

You can send cards etc to Tom at the following address.

Thanks Bart and John for sending the information along.:


Tom Novak

379 Ridge RD.

Plymouth, ME




N1EQ Tech Notes


Mike, N1EQ has developed Tech Notes that may be of help to you if you have Icom gear. Mike could be a good resource for you , should you need work done on your Icom rig. Take a look at his "New" site


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