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Something Has to Go

For Sale


The wife says that there’s too much clutter in the house.  I volunteered to leave but she says it’s an extra radio that has to go, so….

It’s the beloved  Yaesu FT1000D rig - 200 watt, all mode, in very good condition, purchased from Burqhardt about 2 years ago.   Built in power supply, auto tuner, comes with power cord, hand microphone, operating manual and original box. Come on over and try it out or I can deliver it within a reasonable distance.   Would rather not ship. Gonna list it on Craigslist for about $1400 but would take less from a Bullnetter… 207.897.1147 or 617.510.1419.



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The Bull Net Bowling & Brew League

Steve Rodney Ewing wrote:  Finally, an excuse to get off of the streets and into the alleys! Thank you Sugarloaf Bob and Quality Control Officer Mick....

Who would have thought that Mick could bowl the way he does? They're STILL talking about his ability!



Mick N1RPH, Bob KB1JZU. & Steve KB1TUR

Thanks, Steve.




Bull Net Mascot Spotted in FL


Thought you might enjoy seeing this bird, spotted on the wall of a bar in Goodlands, FL. 

73, Paul #64 (K1CGZ)

Thanks for seending a picture of the Bull Net Member Wanna-be, Paul. It's GREAT!







Three or four CMEs that left the sun earlier this week will arrive in quick succession this weekend.  Mostly, the blows they deliver to Earth's magnetic field are expected to be weak, but the combined impacts could stir up significant geomagnetic activity.  NOAA forecasters put the odds of a high-latitude geomagnetic storm at 55% on Saturday, increasing to 75% on Sunday. Check for updates.




For Sale


For Sale Icom-746Pro Transceiver, very clean and in good working order. I (KD1KE) am the orginal owner. Asking $950.00 plus shipping. More




Good Turnout For Final PC 


There was a good turnout for the final PC of the season. Band condition improved about an hour into the session. Have a look at the Bull Horn at the end of the month to see the actual count of participants.

See you next season , if not before. 73




Manuals Link


If you're in need of a manual for that transceiver, tuner or some other ham related gear, you might want to check out the new link set up to display  162 PDF documents.

Tom, W1NOV has done a tremendous amount of work compiling a large number of manuals  into a file he has shared with the Bull Net. It's really impressive. The folder is on a shared Google Drive and should be easily accessed from  any number of devises. You should be able to lift the files, as well. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing or lifting and I'll look into it.

Thanks Tom. Your files are a great resource for one stop delivery of multiple manuals.  Your work is appreciated.

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What is the Bull Net?

The Bull Net is a group of amateur radio operators (100 +) who get together during the afternoons on "The Secret Frequency" of 3928 KHz LSB. The goal is to have fun with the hobby of radio. Topics are varied, but there is generally some discussion of radio, a certain amount of bull and of course the food segment. Everyone with a valid license is welcome, so stop by and say hello.



The Bull Net started a number of years ago by Bill or "Willy" (K1APM) and a friend of his.  An imaginary bull was talked about a great deal on 3928 because the bull had a lot of unusual and exciting experiences. As time went on a few more people joined in until 2004 when the Bull Net was established. Thanks guys.


The Bull Horn

Take a look at the Bull Horn. Its a news letter that is the creation of Warren WS1D. Warren is also responsible for putting together the membership package, the Bull Dozed award and much of the content and concepts of The Bull Net. Thanks Warren. Take a look at the latest Bull Horn



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