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What Makes An Engineer and/or Ham Radio Amateur?



















Newest Bull Net Member


Please, welcome Paul - W1PFS, -  to the Bull Net when you hear him on. Welcome aboard Paul and congratulations. Hope you enjoy all the benefits of the net.



New Member


Say hi to "Mad Mike" WA1MAD when you hear him on. He's the newest member of the Bull Net. Welcome aboard, Mike and congratulations.




Mad Mike Conducts Interview


Mike is interviewing residents within his home town of Scituate for the Scituate Community TV. The show is called "I Always Wanted To Do That" or IAWTDT for short. The following interview is the 3rd in the series and is on Ham Radio. Have a look below or the link is:





















From KB1OWO - "Jackman Larry"




It don't get no better than this!


Larry recently received the Bull Dozed award (top of picture) for his undercover work , which exposed "Thorn's" where-a-bouts. congratulations, Larry.




Bull Horn


Warren has published the November Bull Horn for your review and comments. Click



Name That Ham


From what I can gather, the following picture was taken somewhere in New England during the past couple of days. It was reported that  the gentlemen were doing a dry run in preperation for an antenna installation. The only planned antenna work, mentioned recently, was to take place near St Albans, Maine.  If you can identify any of the hams in the picture, please fill us in by means of the comment section on this page - just to the right. Using the bottom ham as number one (1) and so on, will work. Thanks in advance for your participation and help..









N1EQ Tech Notes 


You may have seen some of Mike Nadeau's tech notes in the past. He has added some and has published them in Blog format. If you have an Icom or  Kenwood, you might be interested in some of his notes.  Take a look.


Mike - N1EQ, has a radio repair business that he has operated in Central Maine for a number of years. It is an on-line business  where accepted transceivers are shipped to Mike's shop, repaired, and shipped back to the customer. If you are in need of a repair to your transceiver, that fits the criteria, he might be the choice for you. Take a look   at his business website.  






Looking for something you'd seen here before? Check the Archive might be there. If it was a photo - check the Photos section.



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What is the Bull Net?

The Bull Net is a group of amateur radio operators (100 +) who get together during the afternoons on "The Secret Frequency" of 3928 KHz LSB. The goal is to have fun with the hobby of radio. Topics are varied, but there is generally some discussion of radio, a certain amount of bull and of course the food segment. Everyone with a valid license is welcome, so stop by and say hello.



The Bull Net started a number of years ago by Bill or "Willy" (K1APM) and a friend of his.  An imaginary bull was talked about a great deal on 3928 because the bull had a lot of unusual and exciting experiences. As time went on a few more people joined in until 2004 when the Bull Net was established. Thanks guys.


The Bull Horn

Take a look at the Bull Horn. Its a news letter that is the creation of Warren WS1D. Warren is also responsible for putting together the membership package, the Bull Dozed award and much of the content and concepts of The Bull Net. Thanks Warren. Take a look at the latest Bull Horn from the menu above.



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