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Frosty Mornin


Temperatures hit the freezing mark here in Farmington, ME during the early hours of Monday September 15, 2015. Interesting that September 15th is the average first frost date for Farmington. The season is right on schedule. Tune up the your snow blowers early.



PC Sched

Dates and times for this season's PC's are set. Take a look in the "Events" tab or click here .  See you then.




Amateur Radio Operators VS HOA ( Home Owners Association )

Hello all Bull Net Members! I miss shooting the bull with all of you. As I have relocated to Florida and have now been here for five months , it has been a tough road to be able to get my station on the air. As an avid Amateur Radio Operator who loves this hobby, I have found out that the most of Florida along with the current HOA's that are here restrict many new renters and home owners from puting up any antenna on your property or balcony of any kind. I currently live in an apartment complex here in Boynton Beach, Florida. I checked with the rental office to see if I could put a small ground mounted vertical antenna up next to my apartment so that I may operate and talk to my friends of our hobby and was told no! I then asked if I could put the antenna on my car that I rightfully own and again was told NO, they do not allow anything like that on the grounds of thier complex! I am currently looking for a new place to live and I have found out that all of the places that I have been looking to either rent or buy, will not allow me to put any antenna up. Even if I wanted to put up a TV antenna, It is not allowed in the community and totally goes against thier rules! I thought that Florida was located in The United States and still is the land of the free? Besides that, I also thought if I own my house and property, I have the freedom to do what I want on my property? I am still looking for a better place to live and will not give up! When did we start letting these HOA's dictate how we can live? I did not know that this is now a Socialist Republic we live in! This is just another example of how we as citizens of a free country are year after year being forced to give up more and more of our civil liberties, and being told how to live and think! I will not give up my right to put up my station and operate it when and where I choose! Since when did we let others dictate our freedom to live as we want! Needless to say, this is happening all over the country and it needs to be stopped before it is too late! I thought we won WWII ?


Best regards and keep fighting for your rights!


N2IFJ (Christopher Tripp)


Chris requested the above to be shared. Happy to do so.




N1EQ Tech Notes 


You may have seen some of Mike Nadeau's tech notes in the past. He has added some recently and has published them in Blog format. If you have an Icom or  Kenwood, you might be interested in some of his notes.  Take a look.


Mike - N1EQ, has a radio repair business that he has operated in Central Maine for a number of years. It is an on-line business  where accepted transceivers are shipped to Mike's shop, repaired, and shipped back to the customer. If you are in need of a repair to your transceiver, that fits the criteria, he might be the choice for you. Take a look   at his business website.  







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The Bull Net is a group of amateur radio operators (100 +) who get together during the afternoons on "The Secret Frequency" of 3928 KHz LSB. The goal is to have fun with the hobby of radio. Topics are varied, but there is generally some discussion of radio, a certain amount of bull and of course the food segment. Everyone with a valid license is welcome, so stop by and say hello.



The Bull Net started a number of years ago by Bill or "Willy" (K1APM) and a friend of his.  An imaginary bull was talked about a great deal on 3928 because the bull had a lot of unusual and exciting experiences. As time went on a few more people joined in until 2004 when the Bull Net was established. Thanks guys.


The Bull Horn

Take a look at the Bull Horn. Its a news letter that is the creation of Warren WS1D. Warren is also responsible for putting together the membership package, the Bull Dozed award and much of the content and concepts of The Bull Net. Thanks Warren. Take a look at the latest Bull Horn



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